Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Early Adoption of beta software

Are you an early adopter? Do you like to beta test software before it is available to the general public? Do you have some accounts with beta software companies, with some invites to spare?

Well this new site, InviteShare is designed to help you put those spare invites to good use, and in return, get access to some of those beta sites that you don't have access to...

I sent a few GrandCentral invites, and in exchange I got an account with Joost!
I recommend using a spare email address though, even though they do take some measures to make sure your email address won't be harvested by spammers, it is always good to use your spam/spare email address for things like this....

Monday, August 13, 2007

Family vaca 07

Flickr album of photos

Folly beach near Charleston, South Carolina was very nice, and we enjoyed our time with the Platings over at Lake Hartwell, in northern Georgia.

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