Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Forgot your Password? Of course.

With tightening security restrictions, annoying captcha 'type the scrambled word', answering three random questions -- logins/passwords have become more annoying than ever.

I propose that a website should not ask you for a login/password, lets just cut to the chase and mail me a clickable login link. Instead of wasting my time, testing my memory or bank of password variations, just ask me my email address and email me a clickable login token or temporary password each time. If your website doesn't fall into the daily, or possibly weekly use category, I'm especially talking to you.

Alternatively, one account/password that would work on several websites could work -- but that would make too much sense and take far too much cooperation.

Whats going to be your account/password management strategy for 2010?
I'm sick of the login/password game.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Gloucester, MA public boat launches on a Google Map

View Gloucester MA - Public Boat Landings in a larger map

Trying to figure out my options for launching a small dinghy to get to Southeast Harbor, decided to create a Google Map transcription of a PDF that was on the Gloucester Harbormasters webpage.

Most of these are only accessible at high tide, with limited parking, and the exact locations have not been verified but I did my best using satellite images and my local knowledge. If you find a location is not marked correctly, please let me know.