Monday, February 21, 2005

Sunray by Sun Microsystems

Back in the dot com hay-day I had a chance to work for Sun Microsystems. Over the course of my time with Sun, one of the most fascinating devices I came across was the Sunray device.

Pictured here:

So, what is it? and why is it so cool?

It's an ideal desktop machine for work, or even companies which want to give their employees a device so that they can work from home... Now this isn't a full fledged computer.. there is no hard-disk inside to store all you're data... but the desktop experience is pretty much just as if you were sitting there behind a computer.

Let me get to the cool part... Since none of your data/desktop is really on this little box (it's out there somewhere on the network), you are given the flexibility of mobility... Theres a slot on the front of these devices for a smartcard... Plug in your smartcard and up pops your desktop. Done working for the day? but need to maybe finish up a bit of work when you get home? Take out your smartcard, head on home... and plug your card into your Sunray at home, poof.. right where you left off...

Cool? Yes. Practical and Plug 'n' Play for the masses? not quite yet. but soon...
After all, the future is now...

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