Monday, June 06, 2005

moving day....

And, i'm done... at least for a while.

After moving yearly the last 8 years of my life, I am finally done with the yearly move thing.... wpi dorms, wpi fraternity house, worcester apartment, brookline apartment, allston apartment, cambridge apartment, and now gloucester condo.... phew... that was a lot of work... the good thing about moving every year is you tend to throw away stuff each year that you don't use and also notice the things you haven't touched since the last time you moved it... It was great living with so many different roomates, and in so many locations to really get a feel for the different areas of Boston...

So after last years horrible moving experience, I did it right this time:
1) Didn't move on the busiest Boston moving day of the year (September 1st)
2) Didn't use a truck rental service that has no idea how to run a buisness (U-haul is forever banned from use by me or anyone I know)
3) Determine exit order for stuff, and packing order based on that..
4) Everything boxed & labeled with new room codes (great for friends that don't want to ask you each time where this is going)
5) Took a day off from work, to avoid weekend conflicts.
6) Enlisted friends and family in the workforce...

And hopefully i'm done moving until I decide to sell or completely rent out the property. It's too early to tell how long that may be, but we'll see --

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