Wednesday, August 09, 2006

You are, what you Search?

As a knowledge hungry human, you are what you eat...

Think about the last 10 things you looked up on Google, can't remember that far back? Perhaps your browsers auto-complete feature has remembered for you... (double-click the white text search area) It's pretty interesting to see what you have been looking up, and it probably says a lot about you, your work, your hobbies, and what is going on in your life... This data, although we hope is kept private-- is data that may or may not be collected, and profiled, and matched to even your IP address (think phone number). Read about AOLS big-mistake of releasing private search data, if you haven't already...

It's not a question of to search or not to search, at this point the internet has become our most knowledgable friend... The first one we ask questions, before we bother someone or revert to 'old fashioned' book ways, or look for an expert in the field... Is it necessarily who you know? or is it how well you search? Do you care if this data could be used? does it alter your search behavior?

You start to wonder, who knows you and whats going on in your life best? What do you do daily? what have you learned?

What are you?

A collection of results, opinions, feelings, interactions, activites, thoughts ???

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