Monday, November 06, 2006

Calendar Sync (syncML)

So my cellphone has a calendar feature, which I've practically never used... Why? Because it is a pain to manually enter in my calendar items, or to bluetooth sync with my computer often....

I've now had the same cell phone for almost 3 years, and by now pretty much have gone into every possible menu and setting for it... but just the other day discovered something new... Under my Connect menu, there is a Syncronization menu, and under that 'Remote Sync'. Sounded interesting, so I wanted to see what I could do with that --

It turns out I can Sync my Calendar and Addressbook on my phone with any web-based Calendar/Addressbook that support a standard called SyncML. Pretty cool, a good way to back up all your numbers and keep your online Addressbook up to date.. Also it's pretty handy to be able to wirelessly sync your Calendar without entering any appointments in manually.. Yahoo Calendar/Addressbook seem to support it for some phones, but not all yet.... Hopefully my t68i is on their list of phones to soon support, since I like to primarily use Yahoo Calendar and Addressbook.... For now, I'm giving this free Mobical service a try--

So, if you think this sounds pretty interesting, check it out and see if your phone is SyncML compatible.. And if not, try to get that feature in your next phone!

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