Thursday, January 11, 2007

Linux on PSP

Here's a post about my friend Chris' latest project, I tried posting it to Slashdot to help him get some other developers to help him with the project --

Check out:

uClinux ported to Playstation Portable (PSP)

Maybe it's to prove a point that some variant of Linux can run on any digi device....
Maybe he didn't want to play games on his PSP, but instead take it apart..
Maybe he wanted to bite down on a kernel without cracking his teeth at the movies...

Well anyways, that crazy mofo named chris is at it again, this time booting his PSP device up with uClinux.. Sure if you want wifi, video, or keypad input you'll have to write the drivers... don't even think about fireing up Mame and launching your fav old skool game yet... as this project needs some basic drivers first... but writing device drivers for your fav unsupported hardware/software hasn't stopped you in the past, has it?"

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Anonymous said...

i've heard chris is a world famous celebrity hacker.