Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Power Use - Advanced features of k790a

After playing around with my new phone for a few weeks, I've explored some of the advanced features of the phone.

Java Applications
Google Maps(traffic updates!!)
Salling Clicker - Use your cellphone as a remote control for iTunes, PowerPoint, etc.
MFRadio - Wirelessly stream music from my collection at home
vNes Nintendo Emulator - Playing classic Mario and Zelda is great!
Opera Mini browser!

Calendar Sync - SyncML
Using GooSync's free service to sync my Google Calendars with my phones Calendar automatically.

Rss News Reader
Gloucester daily times, Google News, Weather and Forecast
Animated Radar images

A2DP - Wireless tunes! You can now have headphones with no wires, no cables between your home stereo and your tunes...
Modem - Using my laptop to surf the internet is always easier than viewing on a small screen, and typing on a small keyboard.. EDGE Is a bit slow(20-50k/s), but still usable in a pinch. And a data plan for 6$ per month fits the bill. Thanks for the setup scripts Ross Barkman.
File Transfer - A breeze with OS X, just drag and drop the files to/from the mounted drives.. Adding mp3 ringtones, wallpapers, taking pictures/videos off of the camera is a breeze..

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g michael amante said...

looks like T-mobile locked down their network a bit. I now have to use their proxy server to access web-content. It has restricted the use of some of my applications, but ones that support proxy servers still seem to be working ok! For now, I'll stick with my 6$ per month data plan with T-MO.