Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boston's Hubway - Zipcar like rentals for bikes!

I love to bike.. I rarely bring it into the city on the commuter rail due to space and the commuter rails rules of no full-size bikes during rush hours.

Today, Mayor Menino launched a bike-share program called The Hubway which in its initial phase introduces 600 shared bikes to the city. I signed up for an annual membership after seeing the Mayor kickoff the program. I then had to wait for a key-fob to be mailed to me -- I couldn't wait, later today I decided to pay the 5$ 24hour fee and take a bike for a spin. Using a credit card, the process was pretty quick and painless.. Hopped on a bike and headed to my destination.

The biggest question in this programs infancy, is will there be a bike in the area you need it -- and will there be an empty 'dock' spot where you are going. The other catch is will I always have my helmet with me whenever I want to hop on a bike?

There is a useful SpotCycle app that is useful for looking at how many bikes are available and how many empty spots are around where you are heading!

Check it out, Spend the 5$ and give it a try! If there are no stations yet around where you live/work, you can suggest them for a future phase!

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