Thursday, August 04, 2005

Coldplay - Twisted Logic Tour

I get to see Coldplay tonight, looking forward to it :) I really love their old cd's and the new one recently released (X&Y) is more of the old stuff, but new!

So today, August 4th, I'm heading down to the Meadows in Hartford for their US tour opener. I took the following day off from work, and then Sat August 6th I'm checking them out at the Tweeter Center...


My brothers Kev and Dan came along with me to the shows, and it was a great time... Saturday we did up right with a nice 4 hour tailgate... Good times..

Clocks ticking....

view the comments below to see the setlist --

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g michael amante said...

This was the set-list for Coldplay's 8/06/05 Mansfield / Tweeter Center show...

Great show!

1) square one
2) politik
3) yellow
4) god put a smile upon your face
5) speed of sound
6) low
7) hardest part
8) everything’s not lost
9) white shadows
10) the scientist
11) till kingdom comes
12) beautiful world
13) clocks
14) talk
15) swallowed in the sea
16) in my place
17) fix you

Hartford's setlist was either identical or pretty close to this as well...