Wednesday, January 05, 2005

let the fun begin....

good, intro's over... lets cut to the chase.

if you have a pretty good mp3 collection, but want to listen to it in other places of your home besides your computer room, you need to check out this software from Slim Devices This software allows you to stream music to any other laptop/computer in the house, preferably one in your living room hooked up to your stereo system... Ok, so you're not as geeky and don't really want a PC in your living room... you shell out some bucks for one of these

So it looks a lot cooler, comes with a remote, and is money and you know it... It's on the top of my 'I really want but have no reason to buy' list...

It get's better... using this software allows you to have access to your music collection from *anywhere*... allright, I mean anywhere with decent internet... A few things complicate the picture, but are easily overcome... First it requires going into your router's configuration and allowing a few ports forwarded to the SlimServer. Next you realize that your ip isn't static, and next time your router's IP changes, you won't know how to access your songs from the outside world... This is where a service/program on your computer from good ole comes in handy. They have services/daemons that will run and update a DNS table each time your IP changes (translate: you can have a name to remember that always corresponds to your current IP address at home)

I'll probably post a follow up with more detail, if you'd like --

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