Thursday, January 06, 2005

let it snow....

Today Boston got hit with it's 3rd significant snow of the season. Most people are complaining about how slushy and nasty it is out, but I just absolutely love it... Why? because a few years ago I came to the logical conclusion that if I'm going to stay around Boston, I need to pick up a winter sport.. Back in my younger years I always played Basketball during the winter, and from a large family so it wasn't very economical for us all to pick up skiing or other mtn sports. So during my college years I tried my hand at Skiing and then Snowboarding... It was fun. I was of course a bit fast and out of control... My scientific pythagorous brain was so used to thinking the 'shortest distance between two points' and that would tend to be the path I chose for going down the mountain... Result: Me flying down the hill at speeds way faster than any novice should be travelling... After a few near tree experiences (maybe a few collisions with kids half my size as well) I realized that speed was really something you mastered after you have complete control of your ski's/board. Well, last winter I bought my first snowboard,
165 cm K2 Nemesis, a big, light, fast board... but a lot of fun.


g michael amante said...

So here might be a good spot to mention some other gear I've been using.

Boots: Burton ION MD
Bindings: Salomon SP3
Helmet: K2 Ultra
Goggles: Spy Soldier
Jacket: Helly Hansen Verglas Shell

g michael amante said...

Boots: Burton Driver X
Bindings: Salomon SPX 90
Board: GNU Altered Genetics 162 BTX/MTX