Wednesday, January 12, 2005

myth tv - computers in the living room?

2005, back in 1970s when people were working on the room size mainframes the crazy ones probably pictured us flying around in hovercrafts and spacesuits... Well, even though we aren't quite there yet... we have come to the day where people are considering putting an additional pc in the living room... The age of the media center PC. Your best audio and video equipment is in the living room... You may have seen Tivo or other computer based program recorders out there.... Perhaps you already have converted your whole CD audio collection to a computer format like MP3... You would like to view pictures from your last vacation taken with your digital camera on your largescreen tv while your favorite songs play as background music. Perhaps you'd prefer to view the news, weather or email from the comfort of your own couch... This is the current state of living room computing... While most people are happy with a laptop and wireless connection, us geeks like to take it one notch further.... Living room centric computing.

Now, i'll go further into my home setup... along with some of the other options currently available.

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g michael amante said...

ok, so I don't have a TV yet... or Myth TV... it's all just a Myth but it's a good one...

If I did, it would be a nice flatscreen TV hooked up to one of these Shuttle PC's