Tuesday, January 18, 2005

san diego trip

Ah New England... we look forward to warm summer days during the winter freezes and when we're melting walking down the summer streets we wish for the cool breeze of fall and early winter.... Well, this winter, aside from spending a lot of time up at Loon mtn snowboarding, I decided to get away for some time...... and am I glad I did.....

So waking up this morning, I decided to go for a bike ride down to Sunset Cliffs in San Diego....

What a great start to the day, and my week vacation in San Diego.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

myth tv - computers in the living room?

2005, back in 1970s when people were working on the room size mainframes the crazy ones probably pictured us flying around in hovercrafts and spacesuits... Well, even though we aren't quite there yet... we have come to the day where people are considering putting an additional pc in the living room... The age of the media center PC. Your best audio and video equipment is in the living room... You may have seen Tivo or other computer based program recorders out there.... Perhaps you already have converted your whole CD audio collection to a computer format like MP3... You would like to view pictures from your last vacation taken with your digital camera on your largescreen tv while your favorite songs play as background music. Perhaps you'd prefer to view the news, weather or email from the comfort of your own couch... This is the current state of living room computing... While most people are happy with a laptop and wireless connection, us geeks like to take it one notch further.... Living room centric computing.

Now, i'll go further into my home setup... along with some of the other options currently available.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

let it snow....

Today Boston got hit with it's 3rd significant snow of the season. Most people are complaining about how slushy and nasty it is out, but I just absolutely love it... Why? because a few years ago I came to the logical conclusion that if I'm going to stay around Boston, I need to pick up a winter sport.. Back in my younger years I always played Basketball during the winter, and from a large family so it wasn't very economical for us all to pick up skiing or other mtn sports. So during my college years I tried my hand at Skiing and then Snowboarding... It was fun. I was of course a bit fast and out of control... My scientific pythagorous brain was so used to thinking the 'shortest distance between two points' and that would tend to be the path I chose for going down the mountain... Result: Me flying down the hill at speeds way faster than any novice should be travelling... After a few near tree experiences (maybe a few collisions with kids half my size as well) I realized that speed was really something you mastered after you have complete control of your ski's/board. Well, last winter I bought my first snowboard,
165 cm K2 Nemesis, a big, light, fast board... but a lot of fun.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

let the fun begin....

good, intro's over... lets cut to the chase.

if you have a pretty good mp3 collection, but want to listen to it in other places of your home besides your computer room, you need to check out this software from Slim Devices This software allows you to stream music to any other laptop/computer in the house, preferably one in your living room hooked up to your stereo system... Ok, so you're not as geeky and don't really want a PC in your living room... you shell out some bucks for one of these

So it looks a lot cooler, comes with a remote, and is money and you know it... It's on the top of my 'I really want but have no reason to buy' list...

It get's better... using this software allows you to have access to your music collection from *anywhere*... allright, I mean anywhere with decent internet... A few things complicate the picture, but are easily overcome... First it requires going into your router's configuration and allowing a few ports forwarded to the SlimServer. Next you realize that your ip isn't static, and next time your router's IP changes, you won't know how to access your songs from the outside world... This is where a service/program on your computer from good ole no-ip.com comes in handy. They have services/daemons that will run and update a DNS table each time your IP changes (translate: you can have a name to remember that always corresponds to your current IP address at home)

I'll probably post a follow up with more detail, if you'd like --

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Internal struggle over quality of content

I consider myself a jack of most trades and a master of few. So if this sentence isn’t structured properly, or I continue to run on, sue me… I didn’t pay attention during the sentence diagramming portion of 7th grade English class. No, but really what I’m getting at here is criticism. My own self criticism of my art, writing, music compositions and recordings, has been the bane of my willingness to share my creativity with the world… They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when I’m the first eyes to see it, and think it’s no good… well, why would I want to share it with you then? Well this blog says those days are over, sure the things I may write or share may not be my finest piece… but at least it will be authentic. I don’t plan to put lots of time into this weblog, but I really do want to expose some of my creativity to the people who care to see it.

So thanks for reading, and if you do happen to like something I share, please let me know…

Monday, January 03, 2005

why blog?

why blog? what is the point of blog.telaetas.com?

Saturday, January 01, 2005

2005. Another chapter.

I'd like to start the blog with a song:

g michael amante - telaetas


Pronunciation: tel-aye-tas
[latin] tela -ae f.
a web in weaving; a warp; a spider's web; a loom; a design.
[latin] aetas -atis f. [age]:
of human life , either a lifetime or time of life, age,
time, a period of time, epoch.

Pronunciation: Jeh-rald, G, Jer-ry
Etymology: spear warrior

Pronunciation: Mike, Michael
Etymology: like the Lord

Pronunciation: Ah-mahn-tey
Etymology: noun, lover, adj. loving