Monday, June 28, 2010

Dyer Dhow, bottom paint and topsides

After sanding the old paint off the dinghy, I did a final cleaning with Interlux 202. I then painted the bottom with Interlux no sand primer, thinking that this hopefully will be the last time I sand as much as I did. I then put on a coat of Interlux bottomkote paint.

For the topsides, I used a quart of Interlux Brightside, but first primed with Interlux Pre-Kote.

For the oak rails and seats that I replaced with white oak, I used a 50/50 turpentine/boiled linseed oil mix. I stuck with the Interlux line and did all the prep work more for the experience of working with the products, and learning the process. After the painting was 'done', and the seats were in, I took her for a test row.. Unfortunately, I still have some leaks! It looks like around the rear skeg and where the dagger board used to drop I still have some small leaks that will require some fiberglass attention!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quincy to Gloucester, by sea

Sailed Seamunkey from Quincy to Gloucester today! I had my GPS data logger on, but the settings were not correct for capturing data along the way, so I only had 4 actual reference points recorded and the line drawn is my extrapolated rough estimation of the trip-- We left early around 7am and arrived in Gloucester harbor close to 3:00pm..

The weather forecast looked great, with light winds getting stronger as the day moved on from the SouthWest. Seamunkey is now on her mooring in Gloucester Harbor --

Bram joined me for the voyage, and my neighbor Howie picked us up in southeast harbor, thanks guys!