Tuesday, March 14, 2006

cell phones - Sony Ericsson T68i

I currently have a Sony Ericsson T68i phone(2.5 years old!), and service with T-Mobile. Prior to owning this phone I had a Samsung flip-phone, and a Kyocera candybar style phone with Sprint. But when I moved from Brookline to Allston, Sprint coverage seemed to be lacking in my house. While T-Mobile is known for their great in-city coverage (works underground at major subway stops), they also allow for usage of superb phone models(any unlocked GSM phone) which just aren't possible through many other wireless carriers in the US aside from AT&T. T-Mobile's coverage is pretty bad when you travel out to the rural areas(unless your phone supports the 850 band, but usually while I'm out there I'm on vacation and don't want to be easily reached anyway.. Well enough about service and carriers, this post is really about my phone...

-Great battery life (my conversations are generally short)
-Bluetooth - sync: contacts, calendar, xfer pictures, ringtones
-Yahoo Mail & SMS notifications of new mail
-limited Free WAP site browsing
-Laptop internet through cellphones bluetooth (56k)
-SIM card contact management.
-iGo charger tip (works with my car/home charger)

These features i'd like in my next phone/service, and probably won't upgrade until:
-3+ megapixel camera
-superb audio/microphone quality, 2.5mm headphone audio out..
-internet audio streaming & playback
-faster internet data tranfers when using phone+laptop combo
-Similar pricepoint (under 50$ for all the minutes/data xfers I need)
-better network coverage
-mini-usb charging/data connection would be nice.

Friday, March 03, 2006

First trip out West

Just getting back from Utah.. what a trip. I actually devoted a whole site towards the organization and memories of the trip:


I was supposed to leave 10am on Wednesday morning, but it snowed 10+ inches on Tuesday night, and I changed my flight to get a day of fresh snow in!! We went to Solitude and did some light hiking off the main trails to get some fresh tracks, it was such a great day....

I look forward to coming back here sometime soon!! but this could be the start of the annual trip to the Rockies...