Monday, December 18, 2006

delicous bookmarks!

Do you use more than one computer frequently? One at work? one at home? A few at work or home? Ok... admit it, you have a computer in every room of the house, don't you? or maybe you are viewing web content on devices besides computers?

Well the problem here is your favorites/bookmarks... You saved that link somewhere, but when? on which computer? how do you try to remember what you called the bookmark and where you may have left it? Maybe you want to share a bookmark with a friend or two....

A solution to this problem was developed over at this delicious website, i mean a nice clever use of the added US domain space.....

Check out my bookmarks, and get an account for yourself!

Oh, and if you use Firefox as your browser, there is a nice plugin/extension that adds delicous bookmark buttons to your toolbar!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Monday, December 04, 2006

Santa Monday @ Sunday River

Check out my trip in 3d with Google Earth by
right-clicking, saving as... on the link/image below, and opening the formatted KML file within Google Earth [here]

or as [gpx]

data recorded by a Garmin Forerunner 201
uploaded to and generated by

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

bright idea's

I remember back when I was a young kid, playing with magnets for the first time. Wow, I just made that other magnet move without even touching it! I thought of the possibility of using that same principle on some kind of transportation, most likely a train...

Over the course of your life, you'll come up with plenty of ideas, some very bright, some as good as a 'Jump to conclusions mat'... The reality is, that you are not the only one who has thought of the idea. Someone is working on possibily proving that concept, or bringing that idea to market already. So, occasionally you find yourself annoyed by some things you do often and think to yourself there has to be a better way. An example of this is 'Wireless Power', almost everyone has been annoyed by the fact of modern life that our devices need to always be recharged. Half the problem is our battery technologies, while the other half is the charging process... One idea is to have a universal way of charging devices, as simple as placing your devices on a 'charging area' another is a recently researched idea of using physics and electromagnetic principles to wirelessly charge devices within a proximity.

So when a bright idea hits you, what do you usually do about it? Keep it to yourself? Find out if it exists? Share the idea with others who may like it? Wait until someone else brings it to market? Or get your hands dirty, bring the right people together, and go for it....

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Get out and Vote

Election day...

Vote! Even though it may seem that your one vote will not make a difference, that kind of attitude is as contagious as a yawn. Find out about the REAL issues, make your own informed opinions, and voice them and discuss them with others.

Do you let others make major life impacting decisions for you and your future?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Calendar Sync (syncML)

So my cellphone has a calendar feature, which I've practically never used... Why? Because it is a pain to manually enter in my calendar items, or to bluetooth sync with my computer often....

I've now had the same cell phone for almost 3 years, and by now pretty much have gone into every possible menu and setting for it... but just the other day discovered something new... Under my Connect menu, there is a Syncronization menu, and under that 'Remote Sync'. Sounded interesting, so I wanted to see what I could do with that --

It turns out I can Sync my Calendar and Addressbook on my phone with any web-based Calendar/Addressbook that support a standard called SyncML. Pretty cool, a good way to back up all your numbers and keep your online Addressbook up to date.. Also it's pretty handy to be able to wirelessly sync your Calendar without entering any appointments in manually.. Yahoo Calendar/Addressbook seem to support it for some phones, but not all yet.... Hopefully my t68i is on their list of phones to soon support, since I like to primarily use Yahoo Calendar and Addressbook.... For now, I'm giving this free Mobical service a try--

So, if you think this sounds pretty interesting, check it out and see if your phone is SyncML compatible.. And if not, try to get that feature in your next phone!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Kitchen Kiosk

Why would anyone ever want a computer in their kitchen? As computers have started to expand out of the home-office and into our living rooms, I start to wonder... is the kitchen next?

Ever look up a recipe on-line? Have you given on-line grocery shopping a try yet? Ever looked at your calendar to see when you could maybe cook that great recipe your friend made for you a few months ago? What about shopping lists? Wing-it, pencil and paper? or write/print out a few needed things on the computer?

Of course there is also a quick check of the news, weather, email or web search as well...

But what I'm getting at here, is a suite of kitchen applications designed for a kitchen kiosk.. a web browser app used within your kitchen...

#1) Recipebook (Add recipes, Find new ones, Share ones with friends/family)
#2) Grocery List creator
#3) Meal scheduler
#4) Food DB

The recipebook is the primary application of the kitchen... but as you can probably see, it's value can be extended if it can work with other external applications... For example, I want to cook sara's vegatable lasagna on Wednesday, my grandmas meatsauce on Thursday, and work on some fresh pizza dough for Pizza on Friday... if my kitchen application somehow knows all the food in my home (from shopping receipts/stores database info) and that I'd like to cook these meals this week, a grocery list can be generated of the things I don't have already...

Access the grocery list from my phone? See something on sale in the market and want to change your plans for Tuesdays meal? Don't want to go to the market but want to lookup which recipes you can make with things at home? Want to share a recipe with a friend? Want to convert your grocery list into an order to your supermarket? As you can see, applications within the realm of food are almost endless -- is one of the XML standards (RecipeML vs RecipebookXML?) being developed robust enough to support these kind of applications? This project (phpRecipeBook) looks like the start of what I'm talking about...

Friday, September 29, 2006

what do you want to be when you grow up?

I remember the first time I was asked this question in school, in first grade --
What do you want to be when you grow up? with the following trailing statement... YOU can be ANYTHING.

I'm not sure how the rest of the class answered, but I remember my own answer... I want to be an astronaut and go to space! As a kid, I often dreamed of flying.. of being able to walk on ceilings, of being on top of the world higher than the highest mountaintop--

Anousheh Ansari took it to the next level. She is the first non-astronaut to say, "I'm going to space". Opening the doors for future people to say, my dream is to one day go to space, and it is possible, and has been done.

I recommend reading her blog, hear some of her stories and insights -- She's inspiring us, our youth to dream bigger -- our leaders to think globally, to understand that borders although real in our world, from space do not exist.

We are one earth, one people, under a sun. Enjoy life, and be who you want to be.

Monday, September 11, 2006

from oil to wind

Did you know that there is enough wind energy potential in North Dakota, Kansas and Texas alone to produce enough electricity for the entire US?

Now is the time that you can start to make an impact and reduce our dependancy on non-renewable fuel sources... With oil prices rising, contributing to global warming, our troops in foreign conflicts which we are mainly involved in over oil,
YOU need to do something...

The company I mentioned above is taking an interesting approach.. look at your last few electric bills... are you using less than 200kwh per month? for 5$ per month, this company will put that amount of electricity (Generated from wind) back into our nations power-grid... using more than that per month? you can opt to pay more... This money goes towards expanding our wind-turbine infrastructure, and with advances in wind-turbine technology and your contributions, we do have the ability to put a great percentage of our power usage into our grid.

Feeling like it's a great idea? but can't spare 5$ per month? Think again. And if you still can't bring yourself to contribute, how about a discount from Whole Foods or a Colorado Ski Resort? Both companies are offering promotions (they both are big partners and contributors to Renewable Choice) such as gift cards and free lift tickets...

Would you like to read more about Wind Power? Check out this article...

Friday, September 08, 2006

flying on the cheap

When planning a long distance trip in advance, one of the first things you consider are the prices of airline tickets. But how do you know that the price you are looking at today is going to be better or worse than the price a few weeks from now? Experience. But of course with the internet, comes data, and historical data on flights... So you could start to track trends in pricing, and start to make estimated forecasts on what you think the flight prices may go up or down to...

I'm flying out to Colorado in January, and looking to book my flight... and it got me thinking, what is a 'fair' price for an airline ticket?

There seems to be plenty of competition out there on the internet for services which help you to find the cheapest flights, with Travelocity, Expedia, Cheaptickets,
Priceline all players competing for your attention to book through them and offer the best value... A new site called Farecast, is offering limited forecasts based upon historical data of where they think the prices are going.. it's a good concept, as long as they can earn peoples trust and forecast somewhat accurately -- With oil prices and security costs rising, maybe they'll just recommend that prices are most likely going to go up, so buy now? They probably account for typical volume increases around the holidays, when a lot of people fly to visit family -- but I wonder if they consider external news events into their calculations? Another question is how do airlines themselves structure their pricing model so that they can remain profitable? The airlines must be forecasting demand based on historical data as well to best serve the customer base? It's an interesting concept...

I'm thinking of how to develop my own formula for determining what is a fair price to pay for a ticket... this may be a good start...

Miles Traveled * Cost per Mile = Fair Price of airline ticket.

In a car, lets say that I get 20 miles per gallon, and the current price of a gallon is $3.00. 1000 Miles * $0.15 = 150$. Time is money though, mainly because I have to take vacation time to travel, so how do I add this to the model?

1000 Miles at ~ 75 mph = 13.3 hours of driving....
1000 Miles at ~ 500 mph = 2 hours of flying...

Since flying is roughly 7 times as fast, (more direct and no stops) How much is that worth? With the average american making ~20$ per hour, and the average time spent by flying vs driving a 1000 miles, that's approximately 220$ of personal time value.

But what about capacity? The average American vehicle seats 4+ comfortably, so should we consider this into the equation somehow as well? And if the trip is more than 1000 miles, food and lodging prices come into play... I'll have to think about this more during my commute and continue this post another day....

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

You are, what you Search?

As a knowledge hungry human, you are what you eat...

Think about the last 10 things you looked up on Google, can't remember that far back? Perhaps your browsers auto-complete feature has remembered for you... (double-click the white text search area) It's pretty interesting to see what you have been looking up, and it probably says a lot about you, your work, your hobbies, and what is going on in your life... This data, although we hope is kept private-- is data that may or may not be collected, and profiled, and matched to even your IP address (think phone number). Read about AOLS big-mistake of releasing private search data, if you haven't already...

It's not a question of to search or not to search, at this point the internet has become our most knowledgable friend... The first one we ask questions, before we bother someone or revert to 'old fashioned' book ways, or look for an expert in the field... Is it necessarily who you know? or is it how well you search? Do you care if this data could be used? does it alter your search behavior?

You start to wonder, who knows you and whats going on in your life best? What do you do daily? what have you learned?

What are you?

A collection of results, opinions, feelings, interactions, activites, thoughts ???

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Beverly Sailing

Went for a great sail last night outa Beverly marina with Jeff and Allison... We made our way to Bakers Island and back on a beam reach with a steady 15+ knot southern wind... The night was perfect, looking forward to a few more like it this summer --

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Boston's Corporate Challenge

Team ASA 2006 - me, front left.

So every spring I run the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 3.5 mile race... Three and a half miles is just long enough where you probably should get out and practice a bit beforehand, but just short enough where serious training is not needed. This year I tried to get out running twice a week prior to the race to get myself in shape... I also organized my companys participation in the event, and am happy to say that 26 registered runners from our company was a great turnout.

I was going for an 8 minute mile(28:00 minutes), and ended up finishing the race with a time of 29:20. It took me an extra minute just to make my way to the official start line, so I can say that I'm proud of myself for coming very close to my goal.. If I'm feeling ambitious, maybe next year I'll shoot for a lower time and a bit more dedicated training.

But now that is over, and hot weather is ahead... I wonder how much jogging/running I'll be doing before next spring rolls around.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Radiohead 6/5/06

Radiohead - Bank of America Pavillion
Monday, June 05, 2006
Spring 2006 (pre-LP7) Tour

1. Climbing Up The Walls
2. Bangers 'n' Mash
3. 15 Step
4. Morning Bell
5. Kid A
6. Fake Plastic Trees
7. Videotape
8. Bodysnatchers
9. Where I End and You Begin
10. Knives Out
11. There There
12. Nude
13. Just
14. Spooks
15. Idioteque
16. House of Cards
17. Planet Telex
18. Like Spinning Plates
19. Arpeggi
20. No Surprises
21. Everything In Its Right Place
22. The Tourist

Friday, May 26, 2006

summer, the best time to find winter deals....

I've done pretty well the last few summers at getting some great gear at prices half of what they are at in season... They key is patience, and in turn you probably still spend the same amount of money as you would have but get gear that is twice as good...

Two things I was looking to pick up this summer at discounted prices, a nice pair of goggles and helmet-earphones for listening to some tunes while on the slopes...

Having a pair of old-scratched lenses, I was able to get by... and some cheap ear-bud style earphones also suited my needs for this season... But with a bit of birthday funds, I was able to snag these:

-Spy Soldier Goggles 60$ ($125+ in season)

-K2 Baseline Earphones (snap in-earflaps for my helmet) 25$ ($60 in season)
These allow me to listen to my mp3 player, walkie-talkie, or even if need be answer my cellphone without taking them out of my pockets... very handy when you are on a chairlift and you are all bundled up already...

both from, great store... great off-season deals...

Some other gear which I've mostly picked up offseason...

Looking forward to next winter already, even though this weekend -- memorial day, is often considered the official kickoff to summer....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

thinking about the choice.

Almost any seasoned tech guy has probably faced the same question at one point in his/her career...

Do I stay technical, working towards a senior tech position within a company? Or do I try my hand at management, and work towards a higher degree of technical management within a company?

I'm gearing up to go to grad school at some point in the near future, and this unanswered question is part of the reason why I have not already gone back for more education, chosen a degree of study, or fully explored the various schools that offer these degrees.

I don't think RIGHT now is the time to answer this question, but if you have insight that would possibly influence my decision in one way or the other, I welcome you to contact me --

Sunday, May 21, 2006

feel the winds

This summer I hope to do a bit more sailing, getting comfortable enough to handle the boat in different directions relative to the wind is one of the tough challenges of learning to sail.

If there is a wind blowing, you can pretty much go every way, except, straight dead into the wind. By the end of the year, I should be able to handle all these directions and with any luck, may even know what to call each point of sail or possible 'wind' scenario...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

mother natures mothers day monsoon...

Have you ever forgot to give your mother a card on mothers day? Well this year looks like we all forgot about Mother Nature... and she cried, hard... Seemed like 10+ days of rain, rain, rain... While the northeast got hit hard, (Why couldn't this have happened in winter!) the whole country was pretty much covered with rainclouds... I kept looking at the 10 day forecast, hoping for a glimpse of sunshine... Well last night, the sun finally peaked it's head through and the people rejoiced!!

It happened to be the evening of my birthday, and that gave us two reasons to celebrate! Although the forecast ahead looks spotty, I'm optimistic we *wont* see that again this year... But at least next time, there will be a pump in my basement ready to go...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Monday, April 10, 2006

Switch, unless you have a free laptop...

Looking back at my blog, I find it hard to believe that I have yet to talk much about my Powerbook G4... I did quickly mention it as an inpulse buy... but I think it's time to talk about my favorite portable computer...

So, as a DEC-Dos kid, I grew up on the PC side of the world... Never really liking Mac's, even despising them -- their damn one button mouse, or the cutesy overpriced features they offered. As a kid, I was mainly concerned about one thing on my computer.. The latest and greatest PC Games, and as most you may know.. The Mac game department was severly lacking in quantity and quality of games available... As I outgrew computer gaming during my freshman year in college .. I started to make more use of my computer skillset and actually do some work with computers.. I was drawn into Unix/Linux around 1994, using MIT Haystacks computer systems and wrote a QBasic scientific calculator (Reverse Polish styled) which marked the start of my computer programming experience... As the web-exploded, I was pretty focused on staying on top of the curve.. learning as much about the next new technology..

So as a WPI college graduate, I had very strong background in DOS, Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Unix but was missing one piece of the OS landscape.. the Macintosh.. This is around the time of OS X (Mac's first unix based OS) being released... and thought i'd like to give it a try...

In a portable laptop, I did have some requirements.. Needed Microsoft Office. Check. Needed a web-browser. Check. Wi-fi and hardwired ethernet. Check, check. Needed to be able to burn cds, check. Play music, check. Play Games? eh, no more time for games, uncheck... Besides I had a PC desktop still. Remote Desktop Client & VNC Client, Photoshop, Development Environment, Apache webserver, MySQL.. Check, Check, Check, Check.

The bottom line is, the OS X laptop has been able to do everything I've ever needed.. There was a small period of time where there wasn't a VPN client for OS X to connect to work... then there was an OS X version released.... If I wanted to run a standard windows app on my laptop (windows version of Tax Software) I just remotely connected to a windows computer over the network. I wanted to use a Verizon PCMCIA card, and found out the setup for it online... I wanted to use bluetooth to sync my contacts, downloaded them from yahoo address book and importing them into my phone... Use my bluetooth phone as an internet connection, abet slow, but if I needed it.

Now with OS X's release of BootCamp for Intel based Macs, I expect all of you PC Only users to take the challenge, and if you actually still prefer Windows, at least you'll have a sleek and nicely desinged system -- Actually, I've seen so many new PC laptops that look strangley like, a Mac.. wonder why.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

cell phones - Sony Ericsson T68i

I currently have a Sony Ericsson T68i phone(2.5 years old!), and service with T-Mobile. Prior to owning this phone I had a Samsung flip-phone, and a Kyocera candybar style phone with Sprint. But when I moved from Brookline to Allston, Sprint coverage seemed to be lacking in my house. While T-Mobile is known for their great in-city coverage (works underground at major subway stops), they also allow for usage of superb phone models(any unlocked GSM phone) which just aren't possible through many other wireless carriers in the US aside from AT&T. T-Mobile's coverage is pretty bad when you travel out to the rural areas(unless your phone supports the 850 band, but usually while I'm out there I'm on vacation and don't want to be easily reached anyway.. Well enough about service and carriers, this post is really about my phone...

-Great battery life (my conversations are generally short)
-Bluetooth - sync: contacts, calendar, xfer pictures, ringtones
-Yahoo Mail & SMS notifications of new mail
-limited Free WAP site browsing
-Laptop internet through cellphones bluetooth (56k)
-SIM card contact management.
-iGo charger tip (works with my car/home charger)

These features i'd like in my next phone/service, and probably won't upgrade until:
-3+ megapixel camera
-superb audio/microphone quality, 2.5mm headphone audio out..
-internet audio streaming & playback
-faster internet data tranfers when using phone+laptop combo
-Similar pricepoint (under 50$ for all the minutes/data xfers I need)
-better network coverage
-mini-usb charging/data connection would be nice.

Friday, March 03, 2006

First trip out West

Just getting back from Utah.. what a trip. I actually devoted a whole site towards the organization and memories of the trip:

I was supposed to leave 10am on Wednesday morning, but it snowed 10+ inches on Tuesday night, and I changed my flight to get a day of fresh snow in!! We went to Solitude and did some light hiking off the main trails to get some fresh tracks, it was such a great day....

I look forward to coming back here sometime soon!! but this could be the start of the annual trip to the Rockies...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

February, Snow Please!!

Wow, February 1st... We've had a pretty mild winter so far, with December and January having some pretty warm temps and mostly rain instead of snow...

Now with Feb and March ahead, hopefully we get some snow dumps!

Friday, January 27, 2006

New England Complex

As New Englanders, we learn from a young age that one of the uncertainties of life here is the weather. We very much appreciate the change of seasons, scenery, activities, temperatures... but always looking forward to 6 months ahead, where the weather is the opposite...

During the summer, we love going to the beach, staying cool, enjoying outdoor bbq's and sports. But even though the summer fly's by and I enjoy every second of it, I'm also looking forward to winter and big snowstorms ahead...

And during the winter, we love going up to the mountains, enduring the cold for fun in the snow on the slopes, indoor holiday and house parties, vacationing in places much warmer during the coldest weeks of the year..

And we cannot forget the seasons in between... fall bringing on the freshest of air, getting outside to see the foliage and enjoy the brisk temperatures in merely a sweater..

While spring brings new life to the plants and flowers as they awaken from their slumbers, and those first days where you can get by with short sleeves and feel the suns radiant beams upon your face...

People generally don't like change, but for most of us New Englander's we thrive on it.. and it's what makes each and every year fantastic...