Thursday, August 28, 2008

Southern Ireland

Good Craic!

Just got back from my first trip overseas, Ireland was a great country to visit. Just a short 5 hour flight from Boston to Dublin, and I landed on Irish soil. Unfortunately my luggage did not, so I was without my warmer clothes and rain-coat upon landing in Dublin. I met up with my younger brother, and we toured the town a bit before settling down. We rented a car for the next day, and then we headed off into the countryside. We ventured south down the east coast before heading in to the town of Kilkenny. The following day brought us south through Cork to the historic fishing port of Kinsale. We then continued west and toured each of the three south-west peninsulas, Beara, Kerry and Dingle. We had some spectacular weather and did a nice scenic hike off the tip of Beara which made it my favorite spot of the whole trip. We continued north to Kilarney, Tralee, over to Doolin and the Cliffs of Moher. A drive through the Burren and a day evening Galway were great too.. I spent my last few nights back in Dublin, seeing a few tourist spots like the Book of Kells at Trinity college and of course the Guinness storehouse. These pictures don't do the trip justice, but here's a glimpse of my week holiday :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

new england summer glimpses

Almost two months have gone by, without a single post to the blog. While my section has been updated pretty often with the weekend and weekday excursions -- I have been light on words. So what has happened? Where has my mind been?

I was able to check out one of my favorite DJs (Tiesto) at a pretty small venue, which was fantastic. I've been able to get out fishing a few times, catching some striped bass -- although haven't caught a keeper yet, hopefully this fall I'll land one.

I made a trip out to Colorado, with the thoughts in the back of my head, is it a place I want to live for a few years of my life... My conclusion is I would like the change, but ultimately would probably end up back in new england near family, friends, the ocean, mountains and four seasons of unpredictable weather.

I did some camping up in Maine, have been trying to maintain my jungle of a garden, been enjoying as much time on the water and beach as possible. I was even lucky enough to fly a small plane over Ipswitch and Cape Ann.

Off to Ireland next week to meet up with my brother, who by now is an experienced European traveler! I hope to catch a bit more of an indian summer on my return, but I can say that I've truly enjoyed these warmer months as much as possible.