Sunday, November 02, 2008

Garden '08

As I prepare my garden for the winter and spring ahead -- I think about how it was arranged and what worked well and what I could possibly do better for next year.

In the recessed raised bed, this year I gave plants more space and more soil... which they loved. I used a mixture of Winterwood Shellfish, Coast of Maine dark bark, compost and peat along with some Red Cedar mulch for retaining moisture. I thought the cedar over other mulches may have deterred insects as well, I luckily didn't have much insects or animals take away my prized veggies this year. I removed the water retaining plates below my plants, which in years prior may have water-logged the soil.. I also put a layer of mulch at the bottom of the containers hoping it would allow for better drainage. Most of my tomatoes were ready at the same time this year which of course was tomato overload for me, next year I'd like to try to stagger the timing of when tomatoes are ripe so that I have a longer season of fresh tomatoes.. My zucchini plant was probably the garden winner, with several large zucchinis.. The parsley and basil did not do too well in the large bed due to tomatoes taking over their light. Green beans and sugar snaps did well until their light was taken as well. The peppers and basil container plants did well in the sunniest portion of my garden.. training the morning glory to grow over my staircase banisters was nice. Next year I'd like to have flower/herb window boxes on the second floor, and have oregano, rosemary, mint, along with chives, basil, cilantro. Next year I may experiment with some heirloom tomato varieties, a better support structure (nets?) for the tomatoes, and staggering planting/harvesting of fresh herbs.

Time to plant the winter garden indoors!