Monday, March 27, 2006

NTEN Conference in Seattle, WA

2006 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Seattle, WA

The theme for the 2006 conference was Changing Lives and Building Community: Nonprofit Technology in Action


Events I attended:

Weds - 3/22/06
11am: Vendor/Developer Networking Event
1pm: How Does Free and Open Source Software Fit Into the Nonprofit Technology Landscape?
3pm: Science Fair

Thurs - 3/23/06

900am: Guy Kawasaki
1030am: Emerging Standards for User-Centric Identity: Tools for Creating Improved Relationships With Constituents
130pm: Managing Technology Projects: Finding the Right Tools and Appropriate Processes
330pm: The New Role of the CTO:It's All About the Strategy
8pm: Event at the Space Needle

Fri - 3/24/06

9:00am: Trisk Dziko, Technology Access Foundation
1030am: Everyone is Online, Now What? How We Can All Work Together to Have a Bigger Impact
130pm: Getting Your Cause on the Map: Improving Your Program Delivery with Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
330pm: The Next Generation of Open Source Tools

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g michael amante said...

My favorite takeaways from the conference:

People in this industry, and at the conference are really trying to make a positive difference in today's world.

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