Saturday, September 24, 2005

freedom of speech - journalism shifts

With past days of print-only publications, the news/media could put a spin on any story they'd like... And I'm sure influential partys or officials could potentially impact the way which these stories were presented to the public.

Enter present day, and the world of bloggers... We, you and I, are now reporters... on a small and distributed level with not as many readers... but we have the option of voicing our opinions globally.. Digital cameras integrated into our phones, are starting to provide information and pictures from scenes which classic reporters are not able to respond to quick enough to capture the true chain of events... I admire some news organizations for recognizing their weaknesses and starting to embrace 'common journalism'.

The world may now know the truth, if they could only find/trust the information sources and take their contents and treat them as opinion and not necessarily fact.. as all views expressed are the individuals alone, and not necessarily reflecting the ideals of the group, city, country, or any other division/classification...

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