Sunday, November 13, 2005

Wireless Broadband Anywhere (populated)

So this morning, I read some news articles on the web, checked my email and fantasy football team scores.. enjoyed my coffee and an hour of slacking off... the good part is, I wasn't at work... I was commuting into Boston on the train, and enjoying Wireless internet from my laptop... pretty neat!

Well, remember a while back when I was talking about Wireless Internet on the trains?

Today that day has come. With a Verizon Wireless (V620) card stuck into my Powerbook G4. Setup was pretty easy, just editing a few of the configuration files/settings and pluging the card in..

[instructions setting it up]

The price is still to much for personal use (60$ a month), but if you can get by with using it for your primary internet connection.. You can almost justify it..
[vzw router]
For now, business's will increasingly see this as an option for allowing sales and mobile workforces access to corporate data and applications. I can see it's implications also reaching areas of the US where hardwired Cable/DSL infrastructure is too costly to build.


Anonymous said...

I like it. It is a bit slow, reminds me of dial-up, but nice to have.

g michael amante said...

Now I'm using my K790a for this, its a bit slower, but at 6$ per month, about 90% cheaper.

20-40k/s, and I'm not sure if Bluetooth is the limiting bottleneck, or the EDGE data connection is...