Thursday, January 04, 2007

GIS - a hobby or career?

GIS - Geographic Information Systems is an emerging field which I have taken interest to, spawned by great applications such as Google Earth and Google Maps, there have also been sites of value such as,, all which present valuable data to you based upon what you are looking for overlayed onto a geographic map. Flickr now also allows you to tag where a picture was shot --

I've been thinking about taking a few courses in GIS to become more familiar with the field and concepts used in developing GIS solutions.

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g michael amante said...

I attended a class in GIS last night at the Harvard Extension school. The class is full so I won't be able to register this term, but I was at least able to meet the instructor and learn from the first lecture. The course uses ArcGIS 9, which is a leading software product in the field of GIS.