Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vote for 'Change'?

The next president of the US, won't be able to 'change' much...

He/She won't be able to lay a solid foundation for economic prosperity. Won't be able to make the world a peaceful place. Won't be able to guarantee you a job, your health, your home. Won't be able to reduce global warming, eradicate disease, feed the hungry.

These important action items actually fall on your hands. Choose ones closest to your heart, and work with others to focus on the problems that you care about the most.

If the next president can make it safer for us to travel to other countries, cooperate and do business with other nations in peace, they will most likely get my vote.

I'm interested in hearing about your top candidate, and why, please write to me....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

after that speech last night you would be hard pressed to convince people otherwise. mr. obama is quite the smooth talker. unfortunately most of america wants "change" and the sad part is, that is not what america needs . what do u think?