Wednesday, May 14, 2008

From playlist to podcast: mix-tapes for your friends over the web

I wanted to see how simple it was to create a podcast last night, and after doing some quick searching on the subject found it was quite easy to do. Basically once you have mp3 tracks available on a webserver, you just need to whip up a quick RSS/XML file that describes the name of the file, where it is, and how big it is... You can also add pictures/text descriptions and date-timestamps for your podcast.

What does this mean to you? I can give you a digital-webified mix tape, in the form of a web address url, you fire up Itunes, Subscribe to my podcast with that url, and within minutes you have the audio that I want to share with you. Everytime its updated, you get more new material. Next time you use your ipod/itunes, you'll have a mix from me to listen to! Interested? I'll come up with a tutorial on how easy it is soon, for now -- just ask me.

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