Monday, March 15, 2010

9' Dyer Dhow dinghy restoration begins

Picked up a dinghy from Marblehead to be able to get out to Seamunkey's new mooring in Gloucesters Southeast harbor. From the looks of it, I believe its a 9' Dyer Dhow. I'm not seeing any kind of serial on the transom, so perhaps the transom was replaced, its older than '72 or its serial was painted over. She is probably in good enough shape to get out to the mooring, but I'd like to gain some experience in repair/restoration and this dinghy is going to be my first project.

Step 1 - cleaning, seat replacement, paint removal and sanding...

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Anonymous said...

Hello...stumbled across your blog researching old Dyer Dinghys. By looking at the picture, it looks like your missing some seat bracket gussets. Is that centerboard functionable?
I think it might be slightly older than your estimate. If you get some paint stripper, you will find the serial numbers about 8" in on the transom from the right inside.You should strip off that old paint and expose the wood anyway.It's beautiful. I hope you restore it to sail once again