Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ariens 927069 - Rear Engine Rider Lawn Tractor

Buying the house included a neglected 2005 Ariens 927069 lawn tractor, that looked like it hadn't run in years and was outside through a bad winter or two....

I saw some potential there, and always like a good challenge--

After blowing out the mice nest, spider webs, bee hives and moving her to my garage... I started with some basics. Cleaned out the carb, changed the oil, dumped that nasty old gas-- put on a new fuel filter, a shutoff switch, and replaced the carb gasket... Oh, and a new battery. I had a nice running Briggs and Stratton 14.5 HP motor!

 Now the tricky part... the belt. Took 3 parts until I finally got it right (Owners manual and Part manual had wrong parts). 07242200 is the belt it needed. Took the blade off and got it sharpened at the local hardware store, and I was in business cutting grass! Only took most of the summer to get that far :) The guys down at the local tractor store, Norfolk Power were great and sympathetic to my issues... my two year old son really enjoyed the multiple visits to the parts counter and tractor showroom...

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